Telematics Features

Trackster Global

• Greater asset utility

The Trackster solution can be deployed on powered assets (prime movers) and non-powered assets (trailers) enabling optimisation across all company assets resulting in;

• Higher maintenance yield

The low cost and ease of deployment makes it cost effective to deploy Trackster to your sub-contractors to remove blind-spots in your network and ensure compliance across your entire operation.

• Better co-ordination between resources

With the addition of the powerful Omni software application key milestones in the driver workflow can be automated and recorded;

Trackster Enterprise

Trackster provides a low cost, long life and robust suite of telematics solutions for the road transport industry.

Utilising an innovative Tracking as a Service (TaaS) approach, the Trackster solution costs from $1.00 per vehicle per day – compare that with your current telematics provider.

Registered as a Telematics provider with Transport Certification Australia (TCA), Trackster can form the basis of your company’s fuel tax credit reporting, maintenance and compliance reporting regimes.

Tracking with Telematics

Control & Compliance


Trackster Global Telematics

Trackster is a start-up tech company which has developed a radically new ‘Tracking-as-a-Service’ (TaaS) product range for use with clients at different stages of contemporary E2E supply chains. Our contribution to this market is a range of tracking/sensing products that produce benefits beyond those offered by more conventional telematics, GPS, and IoT tracking systems. To accompany this invention, we have developed a ‘service-based’ pricing model that obviates the need for capital allocation by customers, and converts usage to a variable cost basis.

Why Trackster Telematics are at the forefront of the industry.

The diverse needs of industries we support with track and trace capabilities are constantly expanding; we offer device based control to API integration with a wide range of reporting systems. It also works with any kind of hardware from your mobile device or tablet to our easy to install black box, so you can focus on keeping the costs down the reporting and compliance solution, not worrying what sort of expensive equipment you need.

Why the largests road freight operators are speaking to Trackster Global.

Get ready for the future of transportation with On-Board Units or downloadable Apps for use on any device for Telematics from Trackster Global. Increasing ease of fuel tax credit claims, ensuring safety, preventing accidents by missing maintenance, and facilitating the utility vs time based maintenance for road transport operators, as well as the consolidaitons of fleet management data is only the beginning.

Fuel Tax Credit Reporting

As a business, fuel tax credits provide you with a credit for the fuel tax (excise or customs duty) that's included in the price of fuel used in:

heavy vehicles
light vehicles travelling off public roads or on private roads.
The credit amount depends on:

when you acquire the fuel
what fuel you use
the activity you use it in.
Fuel tax credits rates change regularly so it's important to check the rates each time you do your BAS.

Before you can make a claim, you must be registered for GST and fuel tax credits.

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Trackster Enterprise

Telematics at an affordable price

HPV Telematics Solution

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  • Certified telematics data for IAP
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Trackster Enterprise

Telematics at an affordable price

Trailer Telematics Solution

$0.50per day

  • Certified telematics data for IAP
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